The Cuckoo’s Calling

This book drew my attention because Yes this is JK Rowling and I loved the Harry Potter Series! But mostly because my husband loves ‘who dunnits’ and my eye was caught by the ‘competition to win it’

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Robert Galbraith’s debut novel The Cuckoo’s Calling, was released on April 30 this year, to little fanfare. It was, however, received well by critics, many of whom commented on what a brilliant effort it was for a first novel from an unknown author. But despite great critical reviews, the book didn’t fly off the shelves and was likely to have only been picked up by dedicated readers of the crime genre. But then the news slipped that the book wasn’t written by Robert Galbraith at all. It was a pseudonym. When the world found out that book was in actual fact written by J.K. Rowling, it quickly sold out and was reprinted within weeks. The obvious question was asked, “did she leak the secret herself?” Regardless of whether she did or not, the fact that the book was praised before people even knew it was her work, speaks volumes…

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Sleepin’ Beds

” This is on sale at the moment for under £50  08/08/2013 For a whole double bed set that’s a bargain in anybodies books!  New Blogger @chrriss88 “

Decathlon UK

This week we launched the first of our Product Tester competitions, and the first prize giveaway is a camping package. The prize includes a Quechua 2″ XL Air III tent, and also a Quechua 2 person Sleepin’ Bed. In today’s blog, we take a look at the Sleepin’ Bed concept and the range available exclusively at Decathlon.

sleepin bed 1

The concept behind the Quechua Sleepin’ Bed range was a desire to bring the comfort of your own bed to the outdoors whilst camping. Finding the right combination of sleeping bag, mattress and pillows that are portable enough to use whilst camping and provide a comfortable night’s sleep can be a challenge. Whether it’s a wobbly double thickness air bed that is the problem or a sleeping bag that is not the appropriate temperature for the conditions you’re encountering, there are a number of challenges in the way of getting a comfortable night’s sleep…

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Competition: win a silver & pearl charm bracelet

Competition: win a silver & pearl charm bracelet.

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